Auto Repair, Phoenix

Towing and Auto Repair often go hand in hand. If you have not yet chosen an auto repair shop, our staff will be pleased to suggest nearby  repair shops with whom we have long term relationships. We know that you dont want to be pressured about where you take your car; thats why our drivers make these suggestions only at your request.

At Phoenix Towing, we think there's no substitute for courteous treatment of all customers. We know that the need for a tow and repair is not something you plan for and the stress can be a bit of a drag. 

If you need a complete engine rebuild, or you must have your car towed to prevent any further damage, it is important to choose a quality auto repair shop you trust. These decisions can be messy.  We'll do all we can to make you feel at ease, and give you with the data you need to make the right decision for you.

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Serving: Phoenix, Tempe, South Mountain and Ahwatukee